Hey all!

First time i've been able to do this on here, and i've been on UG since 2004! hah too long!

anyways, finally settled on an ESP EC-1000. Was originally hoping to go with the Schecter Hollywood Classic, but just didn't feel write playing it. Played prolly 30 different guitars before coming on this one. Not 100% sold on the colour yet, but I can deal. My other guitars are a Pacifica and an MH-50, so clearly needed an upgrade! haha next up, prolly new amp... any suggestions??? hah play mostly harder stuff, loads of gain, sorta 80s metally rock sound? thanks!

HAH sorry, been here 5 years, still no effing clue how to properly post a pic :P I'm a guitar player, not a programmer...sue me haha
Picture 003.jpg
That guitar looks frickin sweet! Never played one though, I'm sure it's awesome
Happy NGD!
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Congrats! Thats a sexy top.


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Haha. UG's Chuck just said chuck. haha
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I love the color man and great guitar IMO.
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High five for fellow New ESP Guitar Dayer

amp suggestion? 5150/6505/XXX (if you can find one)/JSX

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looks good man
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hahah good eye on the epi box in the background, tried to cut it out too haha it was the only box they had, and i've already got an extra case, so figured id just box it outta the store Haha
What's your budget for a new amp?

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Haha. UG's Chuck just said chuck. haha
You're not truly playing guitar unless you know theory.

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That's one seriously pretty guitar. HNGD!
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Nice! The blue/purple ones look so sick.
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omfg hngd!

great color..it will look awsome on stage
thanks again for all the props, needless to say, still grinning from ear to ear over the purchase. not sure bout the budget for amp, though it prolly won't be for a little bit anyways. I have a brutal marshall combo one now, (hgfx 100 or something....i know... shame.... :P haha). With the amp though, ill definitely be looking used, but wouldn't be against new either. Prolly around the same though, maybe little less.... I'd say bout $1,000 Canadian, so about maybe $800 American would be pushing it, but I'm sort of expecting that I'll have to pay to get quality!