Correct me if I'm wrong, but the E570 is just the E670 in preamp form, minus a few features (reverb, presence etc.)
I've been looking at the Blackmore recently, but I see the E570 is just 250$ more where I'm from and much more versatile. Can the Special Edition do Blackmore tones? I'm talking that really nice rich drive tone, very organic with incredible mids. Or will it just give me a vast choice of good, different tones?
The Special Edition can do anything. It can even cook your breakfast via midi footswitch. Seriously, the SE is an amazing head.
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i reckon the SE can do blackmore tones, but i've only tried the head version, i haven't tried the preamp version.
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The E570 is supposed to be the actual same preamp as in the E670, so it should sound the same with a similar power amp.
ENGLs sound great, however, they are built like crap (and thus over-priced in the US) and their customer service blows.
Built like crap? They're from Germany, and you know Germans always make good stuff (so does Vince the Shamwow guy says). Care to elaborate?