hey, this is a little idea i just got. its not complete. i was wondering what people thought. ill c4c if you give me some input. thanks!


whats the difference between you and me?
you see, i fly like a toucan above the trees
my self pride and good raisins lets me see
the hope and compassion here on earth and in humanity
vision to know we need spread good vibes and let go of greed
the truth is written in our bones, it feels good to be free
to live in harmony in each others company

down below in the forest animals scurryin
beasts chewin on the back fat of everything that is foreign
the tension you can feel, the blood you can see
you think theyre showin you a smile? their just showin you their teeth
but its not for hunger you'll die
but for a god who sends us blessings from the sky
the same god that gives us love, life and light?
no, a god of vengeance created by men empty inside
they feed off fear of damnation and lies
they teach difference, baptize you in selfish pride
force their views, want them parliamentarily tied
too many times ive seen the good martyr crying "why oh why?"
they may claim to worship a son given from the light
but they live in the shadows, they are night
deep in the clergy they know their sin
they know the lies and how it all did begin
they think they control the forest down below
meet me on top out of reach of the shadows
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Go read the rules regarding thread titles please. I'll fix this one for you, but read them anyways so you know for the future.

"myself and good raisins let me see", not lets

This grew on me as I read it. I like. It would sound neat if you came up with a chord progression and played it reggae. Also, I think you do a good job avoiding it but beware of cliches when writing a piece with these themes.

let me know what you think of this?

p.s. if you want to read something with a similar basic idea to yours look at The Mechanism Breathes. in the sig
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