i have a metalzone MT-2 pedal which i heard is pretty good for metallica, i just wanna know the right setup.

the function are





Mid Freq


please help

o yeah i forget to add, i have a roland cube20x an epiphone les paul with 25th aniversary EMG pickups
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Step 1...

Throw the MT-2 out of the window.

The MT-2 is basically a tin of bees.
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Step 2, while the MT-2 is mid-air, shoot it with a shotgun.
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Step 1...

Throw the MT-2 out of the window.

The MT-2 is basically a tin of bees.


If pedal would get you a metallica sound why would james and kirk spend thousands for their gear.

What amp do you have? Try something like gain 7, mids 3, bass 7 and treble 7.
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Step 3: Blast remanents of pedal several times to ensure the br00talz are truly dead.
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Mesa Mark 2C+ and EMG pickups will get you in the ball park.
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You are not going to get even close to that sound with a crappy pedal, mediocre amp, and average guitar. Sorry.
The guitar is alright. Discard the pedal, turn your amp to the Rec model and use that until you can afford a better amp.
You don't necessarily need to throw out your MT-2, if you're willing to mod it that is. Keeley's mod for it makes it t3h 0wn@g3, and would definitely get you in metallica territory, plus a lot more.however if you don't plan on modding it in any way, pouring hydrochloric acid on it sounds appropriate.
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