I have a B.C. Rich Warlock, I think it's '07. I want to change the battery on the pickups, but I can't find it. It's not in either of the rear compartments, and there's no pickguard. Where should I look?
Are you sure that you have active pickups?
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Not too sure actually. Bought it at a pawn shop, and I have no idea if the pickups were still stock or not. It doesn't seem to have any mods, but I can't be sure. I know that doesn't help much, but when I know more I'll say so.
They just say B.C. Rich...well I guess I answered my own (rather stupid) question on this one. Don't I feel smart. Thanks for the help everyone.
Why do you think they are active?
Also possibly take a picture of them?
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well if they have no battery to change theyre obviously not active, therefore they dont have a battery to require changing so why did you want to change it even if they WERE actives
That's what I meant. They're stock, so they're passive, since according to the specs on B.C. Rich's site, they install stock passive pickups. It's something I should have noticed before.