Whaddya think?

No metal or anything. I don't quite know what to put it in. Instrumental.

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It's a bit slow for my taste, but I definitely see the work and passion you put into this.

The intro at the start drags on a bit IMO, too much pause between the chords, even with the small guitar fills there. The main solo was alright, a bit predictable on which notes you were going to end on and such and there were a few notes off key but the general idea of it is pretty good.

I'm really digging the chord progression of the main theme and the bass lines, simple yet very effective. The piece really picks up when the drums kick in, it makes the piece seem fuller and more alive. The notes just before the solo are out of key, but for the most part, it's all on key and sounding pretty sweet.

It seems like you have a nice comfort note for you to end your phrases on alot of the time, IMO, you should get out of that habit because it gets a bit repetitive to always "say" the same thing.

I enjoyed this piece, but it was a bit slow to start off and took a while to grab my attention but this is great!

Can you please crit mine in return?