this is a song by the band that im in called santa muerte. the song im wanting everyone to check out is called stumbling blind. it has both clean and growling/screaming vox but in no way is it close to metalcore or deathcore (not that i have a problem with those genres but alot of people seem to) any feedback would be greatly appriciated. i will check out your stuff a if you have anything you want to be crited on. myspace is an ashole alot of times and wont let me play music on it quiet often. ug i have had no problems with.

here is the link to the song.

It reminds me a bit of anselmo's Down, Slayer and something other i cant come up now, great! but definitely need a better mixing, the drum kick is really too muffled. but really nice! i like it
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Thanks for the crit. I actually enjoyed that song. Even though I'm not a fan of the verse vocals due to personnal tastes. However I give the singer props for being able to actually sing too. Loved the riffs in the song great stuff. As everyone else has said, the mixing needs a little work, but nice job man.
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-I really like the chorus of Stumblin' Blind, the vocal make me think a bit of Antrhax lol...
-What recording is it? Sound very well mixed, it's alway hard to record drum but this seem very well balanced. (Home or Studio)?
-The lead in Crucifier very sound like Kerry King stuff, very nice!
-The vocal in Crucifier is a bit weak maybe re-recording it with better stuff?
-Your thrashing riff in Crucifier is awesome! The guitar with the drum make it very cool.
-Neon Witchin Hour is probably my favorite, a slow thrashing song with nice vocal!
-I like how you can mix scream and singing in a song, new song in general alway use only screaming or screaming/gay emo thing.
-Lyric seem okay for me, i ain't speaking english so pretty hard to understand them.

That it, sound awesome for me! I added you to friend, so send me new stuff.

Thanks for the crit

(Oh and nice Dean guitar )
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Very nice composition. When the heavy guitars kick in the overall volume level dropped out of the mix a bit. The clean guitar was too prominent over the dirty guitar and the drums are too "in front". This was mentioned already but I also am reminded of Down but add a touch of Slayer to the mix. Nice tune and held my attention through to the end!
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thnks for the crits!!

neon witch and crucifier were recorded completley on an 8 - track recorder. they were pretty much played live and we only done the first half of neon witch because our drum track was messed up towards the end. thanks for the compliment on the solo in crucifier because kerry king is a big inspiration to me (one of the reasons i started playin the guitar). i done the solo more so based on deicide but they both have a similar style but with different vox imo.

stumbling blind we tracked out bit by bit using 8 - track recorder to get the drums and using audacity for everything els.the guitars on this one were recorded using a guitar hero mic. the bass and vocals were recorded using a bass pocessor plugged directly in to the computer.