So I'm wanting to get a more convincing "metal" tone out of my RV50.. The band doesn't really play metal.. the amp suits my need perfectly, however, there's a little bit of metal head inside of me, and sometimes I love to play a bit of Metallica, Manson etc and I don't know if the RV really has the right voicing for it.. not as "tight". Therefore, I've been told what I need is an overdrive pedal, as opposed to a dedicated "metal" pedal.
Enter Fulltone OCD. This would kill two birds with the one stone for me as it also has something like 30db? of clean boost. I need something to boost me into intros/solos etc. (So I guess what I want to know is, can I be playing on the DIRTY channel of my RV, the hit the OCD to give me a sufficient increase in volume for the solo, without affecting my tone?) So Is the OCD going to give me great metal tones? I've read yes, but I'm skeptical. I think I still might be confused about the whole OD v Distortion.

Please feel free to make suggestions! I need to make this work! Thanx!
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the rockerverb 50 can do metal

but ya if u want more gain the ocd pedal is good
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Boosting the front end of your amp will indeed make your tone tighter. With my Bad Monkey I can even get passable metal tones out of my Tiny Terror. Gain isn't the keyword when it comes to metal, compression is. So try using less gain on the amp and more level on the pedal.
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