i bought myself a vox ac30 but i have some questions:

1 can i run 2 different guitars through the amp at once? can the amp process 2 signals at once?

2 can i record straight away from the speaker output into my pc or will i blow stuff up tht way?

3 on the tb-channel what's the use of custom and standard eq i hear a bit of difference but not much

1. Yes you can run two guitars at a time
2. I don't know I haven't tried this
3. There isn't supposed to be, just a change in response

If nobody answers 2. go to the vox forums
You need a mic to record your AC30. Also, I think the manual mentions that back in the 70s, bands used to put everyone through the AC30 - vocals, guitar, bass. Money was tight back then. But it's good to know you can still do that.
Dont run the speaker output into the computer. You risk frying both your computer input and your amp.
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