on a seven sting its B-E-A-D-G-B-e
on a siX string its B-E-A-DF#-b

on the shogun dvd matt says u can play there seven string stuff with that tuning but i dont see how... i dont know
Quote by mmkat
just tune the F# into a G, there you are.. you'll be able to play most of the rhythm parts, probably no solos though


I have a guitar tuned like this, it's fun but it obviously can't compare with having an actual 7-string for solo work.
You can either take the top 6 strings of a 7 string to give you B-E-A-D-G-B
or you can tune standard down 5 semitones - B-E-A-D-f#-B

If you do that first you play exactly the same as a 7-string just without the highest string. you have to remember when doing this that the 4 semitone interval is between string 1 and 2 not string 2 and 3 though

if you play the second way you have to remember that your 2nd string is tuned differently to how the 3rd string would be on a 7 string and adjust your playing by a semitone as appropriate.

On either tuning you lack a high e so soloing is probably not going to happen as much unless the solo avoids a the top few frets entirely. (even then you'll have to do some position switching)