so, i'm lost with these, all the basses i have tried out have real broad necks, i need a 4 stringer , opening budget is around $300, if i like something i'll save up, no issues.

i'm eying the Yamaha RBX 270 for quite some time now, but I dont know where to start considering the options.

any suggestions?
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srx650 or sr300

If you can learn how to slap with that tighter string spacing, you can get a pretty decent sound. It does take some getting used to, but it'll be easier on a four string.

if you want to save up some more, I suggest the sr400qm, which I almost bought.
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I agree that Ibanez is where you should look for thin fast necks. In fact if you can find an old sb900 (referred to as the saber bass for a reason) it has one of the thinnest necks i've ever played. They were made in japan from 1987-1991 i believe. Great basses. It was my main bass for about a year until i got my btb. loved it so much.
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Lots of Ibanez basses have thin necks. Fender Jazz basses may be something to look at as well (the Geddy Lee model in particular).