I want to raise the idea or question, how do you make a chord progression into a song?

You have an acoustic guitar.
Say you have this chord progression.

Verse: D A Bm Bm
Pre-Chorus: D G
Chorus: Bm Bm G A
Bridge: A A A A

Now you can come up with a Rhythm to strum.
And you have your lyrics/melody over the top of it.
But seriously, that would only then be a mediocre song.

What happens next?

Obviously, it goes without saying, put a bass in, put a rhythm and lead guitar in, maybe a piano, and drums. Backing vocals.....

But what makes that song sound different from every other song?
How do you turn a series of chords into something full of emotion?
I don't know exactly, as I am not the best of songwriters, but listen to songs that you feel full of emotion, and try to figure out what makes them that way, and not just chord-wise
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its only as mediocre as you want it to be. I can record that for you and you tell me if its mediocre or not... but thats your call.

What makes it sound different is from what you put into it. To make it sound full, you have to play that way... not just think in terms of "Good god, this is dull"
Most songs are in fact that basic - what makes them different is the emotions that come with the song and how well they are communicated - That is not dependent on the notes used but more the way they are played if that makes sense.

After that good studio production quality is really key. I'm not an expert producer but it really makes a huge difference to whether a song is good or not.

Ever heard a bad cover of a good song - what was wrong with it?
that is the difference between a good and bad song.
Most artists get an idea and try the song in loads of different tempos and styles; see which gets the best feeling and is relevant to the lyrical content.