"Love Burns Away Faster Than Memories" (*'s denote screamed parts)

Verse 1:
Ashes float through the cold morning air,
Remnants of dreams we *no longer share*,
Signs of a fire that no longer burns,
While in her sleep she *tosses and turns*
*Thoughts tht haunt her restless mind*
*Ashes are all she left behind...*

*Burning out*

These memories, gone forever!
Who ever said we couldn't be together?
I gave you everything, you gave me nothing,
No matter what there was always something...


Verse 2:
I could see through you right from the start,
straight through your eyes, into your selfish heart,
I told myself I'd make us last,
I see all my mistakes as i view my past,
A past filled with misery and despair,
and through it all your face is there....
*There to remind me of the times we shared*
Your sillouette etched deep in my mind
*I just wish i could rewind___*

Feedback would be great, thanks.
Sounds good man; i like it, Let me know when you've got a finished product cos i'd like a listen.