After playing for 4-5 years, I have noticed that I go through strings faster than I think is normal (high G, B, and E strings get extremely rusty after around 1 month). I wipe down my strings after every playing and they still corrode extremely fast. Is there some kind of product that I can put on my strings, or what strings are known to have good life?

Current strings:
DR High-Beams
String change once per month seems about the norm...

Certainly not too frequently to be concerned..

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Oh, and on top of what David Said..

Wash your hands before playing...That will probably help some too.

2001 Ernie Ball Music Man Axis Super Sport
2001 MIM Standard Strat
Peavey Classic 30 112 Combo.
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Strings should be changed as often as possible really, a month or so is usually the longest you should have a set on for so it's not that bad.
But it could be something in your sweat or something which reacts bad to the strings, either way, just change 'em often.
Try a different brand of strings. I go through a pack of GHS's in about two weeks. Ernie Balls last about five weeks. As already stated, everybody's body chemistry is different. Otherwise, you could always try coated strings.
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Every time I'm done playing my guitar, I wipe down the neck, strings and fretboard with Dunlop 65 guitar polish and cleaner, then apply Dunlop Ultraglide 65 string conditioner. Every single time, I'm rather OCD about it.

Ever since I started doing this my strings haven't worn out or corroded in any way, even with months of constant playing. I change them anyway, but they stay new looking and feeling. Of course, I buy a new bottle of that all purpose cleaner every time I'm at Guitar Center, but it's worth it.
Alright thanks, yeah I also have noticed that the tuners and bridge where i rest my hand have gotten a little corroded/pitted also, it must just be me.
I've noticed that DR's specifically rust faster than other strings (Beside Ernie Balls).
Try some DR coated strings or something like that.
I probably have the worst guitar hygene out of anyone on UG. I never wash my hands before playing (because often times I just randomly start playing guitar, it's not a "I'm gonna play guitar in 10 minutes" type of deal) and I never wipe down my strings.

The only strings I've ever actually got rust on were Fender Bullets and DR Tite wound or whatever the hell they are. I'm currently using D'addarios (which I hate after using Elixirs for about 3 months). I've had them on for at least 2 months. I change strings maybe once every 3 or 4 months.

The finish on my bridge appears to be wearing off as well. Revealing what appears to be copper, and there's string rib dents in the saddle. I'm planning on purchasing a new bridge in the future. I believe the dents are causing rattle and tuning slippage...
Sounds like you need some of these: http://www.highlystrung.co.uk/acatalog/Optima_Gold_Electric_Guitar_Strings.html

Gold is one of the least reactive metals on the periodic table so it makes sense that they'd last a long time, plus it looks really cool having gold strings especially if you have gold hardware like I do, however as you probably know it's a quite expensive metal but I think the extra life the strings get justifies the price
i used to get annoyed with standard strings rusting really fast and got advised to use elixers. I havent turned back and i now really dont like playing on standard strings.

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some brands of strings like ernie ball, rotosound, and even elixers don't last a month in my hands. the only brands seem to last long enough for is DR and Dunlop.
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