So I'm going to a signing with Nick Cave in a few weeks, taking along the scratchplate from my Squier Strat and a permanent marker, and was wondering what the best way to 'seal' the signature onto the scrathplate would besoit won't smudge while playing - any guitar techies out there to point me in the right direction?

cheers, danjnk
clear coat it
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^this, but test out what marker/ clearcoat combination works best, first.

some markers smudge and bleed when you put a clear coat on..

also, you could sand the area on the pickguard that he'll sign with a really fine peice of sandpaper first. that way, it'll give the marker and clear coat something to grab on to
Stealing a signature? I don't know...


SEALING a signature!

James' got the right Idea, take some fine sandpaper (600 grit) and just sand the area (or even the entire thing) just enough to scuff the finish, and look for a plastic adherent clearcoat, so there's a chemical bond and not just a mechanical bond.

and, as james said, test first! try it on the back of the pickguard once or twice to see how it works..