Yay, it finally arrived, been really impatient for this one

It's a Takamine EG 541 SSC

Nice man I love takamines. I have a G330H at home thats my dads and its pretty old (like 10-15 years old maybe older cant remember, it doesnt say G series on the headstock either) but it sounds frigen great.

how much was it? hows it sound
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Very cool! Played an all lam version of that and didn't really like it, but I'm sure the solid version sounds far, far better. Enjoy the Tak!
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Nicenice, I'm not a big fan of black finishes on acoustic guitars, but I do like that kind of body style, very comfortable. Very nice though, HNGD!
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Thanks all

It was €595. It's only my first acoustic so there's many more to come, lol. I think I've already gotten GAS
Sweeet man! I got the 341 myself, hell ours could be twins. They are beautiful Enjoy!
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