I have a Mesa Boogie 20:20 Power Amp and a Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp in a 4u rack bag. Both are in great functional condition; no issues as far as sound or performance. The Studio has a Mesa sticker on the top, which can be easily removed. They both have some slight rack rash on the tops, but those are covered once in the bag anyway and do not affect functionality in the slightest. One of the rack ears is slightly bent, but the units still installs on the rack rails without issue. Overall, very good cosmetic condition and in perfect working order.

You can check the net for the low-down on these amps, but for singing lead tones and a classic Mesa sound, this pair is hard to beat and considered a tried and tested classic.

Also, if you want both, I can include a 4u rack bag that the amps are currently installed in. This is a combo rack case + a bag with straps for easy transport. Together, these two are like a portable rackmount tube head.

Asking $600 OBO on the 20:20 Power Amp
Asking $450 OBO on the Studio Preamp
Asking $50 for the Rack Bag
Altogether, Asking $1000 for both amps in the Rack Bag.

Prices are negotiable, but fairly firm on selling both amps and case together for $1000.
I work in Manhattan, and live in NJ (07067). I can bring this stuff into Manhattan for a definite sale, but wouldn't wanna lug it around unnecessarily for tire kickers. If you're in New Jersey and interested, just let me know and we can meet around here. Pics available upon request.

In terms of trades, I am only looking for Edwards (or high end MIJ / Japan stuff, think Orville or nice Lawsuit copies) or Gibson Les Pauls. I am also interested in some amps, namely Rivera or Orange stuff. I am looking for a Rivera K55 Knucklehead but would consider low-wattage combos and heads, no 100 watt beasts though -- I am not playing stadiums.

For buyers, let me know where you are and we can calculate shipping cost.

Please send your offers my way. Thanks!