K so my band (the backseatsmen links in my sig) is playing at a famous club in Pennsylvania (one of the best if I do say so) and we’re getting paid. This is our first official gig together. We’ve done 2 acoustic shows together and I’ve done electric stuff with two of the other members but that’s it. Any tips for us?
Relax, play it cool, but still, get into the feeling and mood of your music. Don't be too stiff but don't go overly crazy either.
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Practice, practice and practice like hell. Have a setlist in mind and try to make your show as professional as possible. Spend good time checking your sound and if possible take a good friend (that knows something about music) to listen to your sound check from the audience. Play focused and have fun.
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Anything that CAN go wrong usually WILL go wrong. Its the ****ty truth. Make sure you have spares of as much as possible, spare guitars, batteries, cables, straps, strings.
Any usueful little tools for the guitar, like string cutters or whatever (in case of emergency). A Stand for each guitar. Also, lots of gaffa (or duct) tape.
relax, chances are, not everyone in the audience is going to know EVERY one of your songs back to back right? so if you mess up, just play it off
just go crazy, dont be afraid to go flat out. have a plan in your band that u bounce at a certain point or that you all know what ur gona do at a select part of the song so that u dont look like a fool up there on ur own doing windmills and teeth solos.

it will help loads if u have a confident front man who isnt afraid to look like a noob to introduce things and have a joke with the audience.

go on utube and search "the darkness, get your hands of my woman live big day out"
or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Qylb1Y80vk (slash)
or GNR Paradise City Live in tokyo
wear pants
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Long breaks for tuning and switching instruments should be kept to a minimum, you need to tune up and get back there almost as fast as you can.
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The sound is the most important thing. If you all look like ye're having the time of yeer lives, and the songs are solid, it won't matter if the bass is too loud or a guitar is too trebly and ye sound like ****. Good EQ and practice.
crocodile rock in allentown, pa
they had an article up on their myspace that their ticket sales were like the 22nd highest in the world for venues of that nature
Practice like you are playing the gig, pretend you are playing to a crowd and film it and watch afterwards together and comment. All those things help. But what cannot be said often enough - practise like it's the gig, or how can you expect to perform like it's a gig when you get in there? You practise the songs, so practise performing too - it takes practise!