Well, our band (excluding the singer who was on holiday) won the school talent show with little more than a jam. And because we won, now we have a 7 minute slot playing here:

Well, we've got the singer back and basically, we can't decide on a thing to do at all. We're all quite musically different (I'm mainly 60s, 70s blues rock music, singer mainly listens to modern indie etc), so we all disagree on what to do.

The bad thing is, it's in 10 days. 3 of us think we should do Let It Be for one of the songs, as we've done that before and know it well. But the singer doesn't want to.

Also, our general music teacher (we practice at school) says we should put words to the instrumental we won the talent show with, and we haven't got any lyrics yet.

So, any general advice for our dire situation at all?
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Make lyrics, really it isn't that hard, and then play the roof down in this nice theatre
7 minutes = 2 songs.

Do "Let it Be" and add lyrics to your instrumental. The lyrics can be about writing a song and having no words.

I wrote a song,
but it all went wrong,
when I had no words
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Just do what Zappa did and talk absolute ****e :L
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Write a song about being pressured to do this and stress. You will love relating your music to yourself and the audience will love the fact that your doing that.