hey everyone.

I've just started to learn a few songs with alot of tapping in them. Im using the neck pickup and the tapping parts sound okay but the stock V7 pickup just doesnt give off the volume needed.

now my question is can anybody suggest a high output passive pickup for the neck position. Id like something versatile but it will be going on my metal guitar so its main use will be for soloing and tapping.


you really don't need a good pickup to do tapping riffs, try tapping harder and make sure the other strings are muted... but if you're set on new pickups, i'd suggest either a duncan JB/'59 combo or Dimarzio Evo or Evo 2/PAF Pro

Ibanez RG7621
Ibanez RG121
ah the amp is crap, its a 15 watt spider. i am upgrading once i get back from ausralia and ill be back to the gear forum to ask for advice on that aswell when the time comes lol.

the guitar is a Ibanez MTM2 with a rockmonkey S.O.B in the bridge (as recommended by the people on this forum )
if you dont know the mtm2 its basically a bolt-on RG

ill have alook for some soundclips of those cheers

I'd say hold off on the pickup replacement for now. You definitely don't need it as most tapping sound comes from technique, and your current rig can't handle it.
What I can say is that you'll probably want a high output PAF pickup, so that your taps are warm, yet defined, and not shrill.
If the tapping parts are considerably quieter than everything else it's an issue of technique, not the pickup's output.