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I recently purchased a Black fender strat US with a white pickguard. I wanted to change it to a black pickguard which I got from Warmoth. Now I understand the stock pickguard has foil shielding underneath it, and the warmoth only has it near the knob area and 5 way switch area. How important and necessary is it to shield the rest of the pickguard and even my guitar? Everything stock, theres not much hum (at all) from my amp, would changing the pickguard introduce a harm if I dont shielf it like the stock pickguard?

No it shouldent mess with anything. The reason they do the sheilding is to protect it from outside signales, like a cell phone, take your cell phone and send a text while your amp is onn and guitar has some gain running through it. It'll make a beeb crackling noise. At least mine does, but mines not sheilded. So your sholdent do it as often.

Any professional guitar should be sheilded with foil to protect from outside interference.
the small amount of shielding will do nothing, for shielding to work it needs to cover the whole cavity and be grounded

all it does is cancel some hum, if you can play with a florescent light/tv on near you and not hear too much hum you'll be fine without it
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I say go ahead and change it, and if it starts humming then shield the whole inside. it's not hard. you just have to make sure the shielding is grounded properly or it'll be pointless.
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How do you ground the foil??

To a screw inside the cavity which is connected to the tremclaw ground which is connected to the pot grounds which is connected to the main grounds. lol. The yellow wire in my pic below connects to the trem claw on the other side of the guitar and into a screw in the wood, screwed down so it connects with the tin foil. The tin foil overlaps out of the cavity so it connects with the tinfoil on the pickguard as well

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