So I'm thinking of getting a BB or Airsoft rifle and/or pistol. But I have a few questions that maybe someone could help me find info on it, or just plain well answer me.

1) I purchase the gun...do I have to register it with the Canadian Firearms Registry?

2) Can I shoot in my backyard? (I live on the outskirts of town)
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Ill only let you buy one if you kill canadians with it.

Thems fightin' words.

i own one, but it was purchased some years ago. I shoot it at my camp cause i figure if someone can see me holdinga rifle, and shots fired, they'll get cranky (cause Nova Scotians bitch about everything).

i think there's an age restriction, but it doesn't need to be registered. paintball guns don't have to be and they're dangerous as hell.
in Canadian law, a gun is only a firearm above 500FPS

you're in the clear man, airsoft, paintball, even some bows are legal

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Not sure about in Canada, but Airsoft firearms in the UK need to be purchased by someone over 18 (if they're more than 50% covered in a non-realistic colour, for a realistic imitation firearm, you need a liscense of some kind, which needs you to skirmish regularly), I assume it's not going to be any more strict than this, as they technically aren't "real" firearms.