I recently got one of these amps, I'm beginning to wonder if I've bought the wrong thing...I really like the clean sound and some of the lead sounds I can get out of it, but on the lead/boosted lead channel I can't get the sound I'm wanting (a modern rock/metal type tone). So far I've tried to get sounds similar to Tool, Opeth, Velvet Revolver, Dream Theater (rhythm), In Flames, Arch Enemy as well as random playing around, but I always got to a problem with the treble/presence controls.

Basically, with the presence high, it sounds very fizzy to my ears and reducing treble doesn't help much. When I turn down the presence enough to cancel out the fizziness, notes sound kind of mushy and...not present, particularly when palm muting.

Could this be a fault with the amp, am I EQing it wrong or am I simply trying to get sounds out of it that the amp can't handle?

If it helps, I'm using a Cort X-11 (basswood body, maple top, stock pickups) and an Epiphone Prophecy SG with EMGs.
the screamer is a very bright amp, especially with a guitar that got a bright tone, when i had my screamer i always had treble and presence on 3-4, the amp sounded good for me atleast like that
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I haven't had any experience with this amp but is there a possibility that its voicing isn't meant for those genres? Swapping the tubes might help, but i think getting an eq pedal might be more helpful imo.
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yeah, they are quite bright. maybe try an eq pedal?
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