Hi, I got my self a ampeg amp and Yamaha RBX A2 bass. I want to learn to play Money. I need some help on what setting to use to get that Pink Floyd sound out of this bass and 210sp amp. I am new to bass and want to learn a sound that inspires me to pick up bass.And money is the song. Any help you can give this newbe would be a great help. Thanks
Use a pick, play near the bridge reasonably aggressively, and you'll be heading for Roger Water's tone. Can't really help with the amp settings, but that's the most important bit.
Well rogers used a P-Bass, so you want a deep low end with some highs.
Not as much mids.
Best advice I have.
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flatwound strings, and I'd say a very mid-based tone! Boost Low-mids, 600khz-800khz, for the dark growl.