Okay, since I've had so much trouble trying to find the MXL 990/991 mic set I was planning on buying (in the UK and abroad). I've come to you guys to recommend me either one condenser mic around £60/$100 or two condensers around £100/$165.

I've spent the past hour and a half looking for the MXL 990/991 and have had no luck whatsoever. So guys... recommend me a mic!
What's wrong with Thomann? Ships to the UK, has decent prices, and has great service. Personally I'd choose the Studio Projects B1 over the MXL990, it's a couple of £ more expensive though:


Can't find the 991 on there though.
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What I was after was the MXL 990 and 991 set which was around £100. But I've not found anywhere that ships them UK. That was the real selling point of them. I wasn't really interested in just the one, I was after the set. But Thomann completely slipped my mind looking for Mics. Thanks!