Hey Ug'ers.

I am planning on to get a Jackson DK2,

My question is that im fused to playing hard tail guitars and so.
So my question is that if I was to palm mute on the Jackson DK2, Is it possible that I could sorta end up pushing the FR a bit back?


sorry for my bad englishas its not my first language.

On the second note I cannot seem to find the Jackson guitar thread if you could post me the link I would be grateful!
i used to have a syn gates with the fr and i could palm mute, but you cant press liker super hard or yeah you'll whammy it lol
Well... when i palm mute on my FR axes, my bridgenever goes down, put it really depends on the technique youre applying. Try to palm mute and anchor at the same time, youll see what i mean
Also, you cant make too much pressure to the bridge, or else it will eventually go down
THanks also could i sort of pull it back and do moves like Herman Li and the whammy not comming of. cos i did that on my mates Ibanez and the trem kept comming out.
Pretty much all floyds do that. They'll also move when you bend. A few Ibanez trems (Edge ZR, Edge ZR2, and the Edge Zero) are designed to fix that problem. I would recommend trying those out. After playing with those, I don't think I'll ever like OFRs.
If you have an OFR you will be fine. Palm mutes shouldn't make the trem move. I don't find bending an issue on an OFR. The bends might be a little on a guitar with an OFR but since I listen for the whole or half I'm bending for I'm probably compensating for the trem being pulled on. And you should be listening for the note on the bend anyway, it's like changing the strings on the guitar or tuning. How much you need to bend changes.

I used to own a DK2 and I didn't have any issues with it. If its what you want, get it.
I actually find it easier to PM on my floyd style bridges than on my TOM bridge, on account of the lack of the TOM's sharp intonation saddles.
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