Hello everyone!
I just recently purchased my Vintage V100 as my first guitar, which I have loved and adored, but after the first three-week period of "OHMYGODLOVE" has passed, I've started feeling uncomfortable with it. I'm feeling, that the neck is not for me, the sound is not for me, it's not for me overally, though it's still a great guitar. I'm thinking about selling it and buying a Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster, since the absence of twang is what mostly bothers me. I've yet to try one out, but I've tried a MiM Tele, and it felt just great. So until I can try one out somewhere, I'm asking UG about opinions on the switch! (Music is mainly garage rock/blues-punk, some classic rock, no metal)
TL;DR: Vintage V100 vs. Squier Classic Vibe 50s Tele! Opinions?
Why not a used MIM Tele? It's going to be better than the Squier.
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Why not a used MIM Tele? It's going to be better than the Squier.

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So you've been playing for less than a month and you hate how your guitar feels and sounds? You haven't been playing long enough to know what guitar will work best for you. Your technique hasn't developed yet to actually make a good decision. You also probably don't know enough about guitar tone to justify the switch. Stick with what you've got for at least a year.
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I've been playing on electric for a month, that does not mean that I've been playing guitar for a month.
Electric and acoustic guitars are completely different. They feel completely different. You can play acoustic guitar for 50 years. But that doesn't mean you're anywhere near being an expert at electric guitar. You still won't know what you're looking for in a neck until you've been playing electric guitars for a while. The constructions are completely different as well as the playing styles.
If the sound is not good for you, first of all change your amp.
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