I was looking for a new epiphone and found this:

I am not sure whether to go for it as it looks too good to be true. Have any of you bought a guitar from amazon marketplace and do you think i should ?
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there should be a decent guitar store around where you live that stocks the epiphone standard for the same price
The price is in pounds though.. seems fairly normal right?

253 British pounds = 417.45 U.S. dollars

That is according to Google. I got an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus for a little more than that off of Ebay, so it seems legit enough to me. E-mail the seller and ask questions if you're really interested. Good sellers will get back to you quickly and respond to your questions in detail.
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Well amazon marketplace is kinda like ebay. People selling their stuff. Not much else to say about it, just go for it.
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