Hi guys, dont know if this is the right place but here it goes...

While playing guitar, when i put use my pinky finger to get a note, my ring finger always comes with it, wich is really a problem for me...

I would like to know if any of you can help develop some sort of independence between this two fingers, like, if you know any exercise that might help...

Well, your ring finger is always going to come with your pinky a little when you use it, but if its doing it alot, try doing scales and concentrating on not having to ring finger follow your pinky.
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Tape your ring and middle finger together and play like that for a while, and then when you stop using the tape... you will have pinky independence
It's all about practice.

Practice scales to develop finger independence. Stretch the webbing between your fingers a little before playing to loosen them up.
Thanks for the help guys... yeah that method of taping them together seems good
Taping your finger might work but be careful, there was a classical composer (I think Robert Schumann) who did that and he actually messed up his fingers doing it. Granted, he might have done it for a very long time because people back then were insane but... better safe than sorry. Afterall, not every person who uses his/her ringer finger/pink on guitar has to tape them.

Like someone above said, that is just part of some natural motion of your fingers. Just practice some scales slowly and work on independence between those fingers. It can get frustrating but just start slowly and if your hand starts to get tired, stop.

These warnings might sound stupid but if you try what I typed, it will work.