I am learning to play My heat will go on but... I cant nail that chord and although ~I have not got it perfectdup to there it takes some of the umph out knowing that you cant play hte full song at all.

Are there any secrets to playing it? Is there a nice one that I could stick in its place?



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Try to fret the fourth fret with your thumb. I have no clue what you could sub if for though.
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You can try barring the 2nd fret on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd strings, fretting the 3rd fret with your second finger and 4th with your third.
play a D, then use your pinky to reach the 4th fret. Practice the chord changes slowly until your fingers get used to it.
Just play the D chord or a dont play the high e string
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is it not just a d chord shape using your fourth finger to get the 4th fret?


I wouldn't be able to make the stretch... I have short fingers.

I'd do a 2XX232 (just touch the A and D strings to mute).

edit: wait, wut? nah, I wouldn't do it at all.
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uh, that's a low e end chord?

i don't even know what that means musically, but if your chord is 040232 you can just barre the high strings and put your middle finger on the b string, and you choose if you want to use your pinky or ring finger for the 4th fret on the a string
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If you mean E A D G B E
0 4 0 2 3 2

then just play a normal D shape and use your pinky to stretch across and nail that 4th fret.
Yea, all in the pinky.
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