hmmm I think it's called fry screaming but I'm not sure. There is a a UG lesson about it on z4twenny's profile
I only heard one and then the guy started singing and I had to stop listening.
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clearly, the goal is to convert every thread into a discussion about BTBAM

yea it does sound sick, but does anyone know the kind though cause im pretty sure its not fry because those sound pretty loud and def listen to the sick breakdown at 207
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it sounds like everything other scream in every other generic metalcore band.....

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It's the kind of screams that Spencer from Underoath uses, I'm pretty sure.
Actually, it sounds a lot closer to that guy that used to be the vocalist for Emarosa (He's in Agraceful now and screams differently).
But his highs were like that.
It's basically a throat thing in a way, versus using your diaphragm like with most screams.
Those screams are audible, but there's really no depth to them.
Take a deathcore kind of band for instance.
The kind of screams you would typically find in there are very monstrous (for lack of a better word ^__^), and take a good amount of air and are pretty damn loud, at least in my case, and you have to really pull them out from deep down.
Well, it kinda comes naturally, but I guess that's what it's like in essay form haha.
While the screams like the guy in the video are mostly a throat thing.
It's almost like shutting your throat to where there's not much space for air flow (I think...lol, it's hard to explain).
It's almost the same action as making the infamous Grudge sound, but with a bit more force, and it's at different pitches of course.
But like pretty much all screams, reading about it isn't going to help you do it.
You kinda have to stumble upon it through trial and error.
That, or have someone that can do it show you :P

EDIT: You probably do use your diaphragm, since you use it even when breathing so pretty much with everything, but it's just not as heavily used as it is in deathcoreish vocals.
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