tips on how to improve playing skill and technique a good practice routine if any.
Tip #1: Decide what exactly you want to achieve and come back to us.
Tip #2: Read some lessons.
ummm read a lesson on whatever skill you wanna improve and then practice. What else can you do lol
1. Practice
2. Choose songs that best fit your abilities
3. Practice them
4. Be confident in your playing
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being able to play cleanly and fast means you have to be able to play what you want to play cleanly and slow.

improv comes with time from learning a ton of songs, understanding those musical ideas, and throwing them together in your own words. for better improv, you need a better ear. so some ear training wouldn't hurt.

takes a long time to get good. if there were a shortcut, everyone would have taken it already
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do you want us to give you tips? do you want to know what tips are? i have no freakin idea! L2GRAMMAR
1) Thoroughly learn the technique not just skim a lesson, because you can miss a little bit of information that might help in the long run.

2) People don't recommend it but I do.. after you learn the basics of the technique try and distract yourself and do it. Ex. watch some tv and just mess around with it. This will get your mind to be free and not stress so much on messing up. But this will get you more comfortable with the technique.

3) Don't discourage yourself. Tell yourself, "I can already do it.. It's so easy." Because if you discourage yourself. You are destined to fail.

4) Relax, take your time. And enjoy learning a new skill!
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