So...here is 1/3 of some Arch Enemy-ish stuff...Crit it please. Advices are welcomed !!! If suddenly one of you wanna help us to finish this song - please write down you riffs/melodies or solos in our tab) Maybe it'll be some collaboration with this one)

C4C as always!
Arch Enemy inspired (WIP).gp4
That sounds awesome, dude. I can't wait to hear it finished. As a fellow Arch Enemy fan, I respectfully urge you to check this out. But go to the very bottom of the page and get that version rather than the one from the OP.

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I really liked the main riff, it was pure Arch Enemy and i mean that in an awesome way :P. You definitely need to add an "interlude" before the verse to break up the use of that riff. Going into bar 19 i think some harmonizing would really make that intro pop and it would act as the interlude/variation.

The chorus killed the flow a bit for me. Another fast paced and crunchy riff would fit better as a chorus for me and then you fly straight back into the verse.

The main riff makes me feel like this is a balls to the walls song and not so much melodic, maybe that's why i found the chorus a bit weird.
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