anyone have recommendations on el84's? I'm putting them in an Orange AD30tc and I play mostly classic rock, indie, with the fall of troy being the most gain, and looking for tubes that could increase my headroom but still break up nicely. Looked at the tubes thread but would like some personal opinions on it.

EDIT: My amp is a bit trebly, and wondering if a power tube switch would bring the treble a bit down.
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Also, since i have a combo, the tubes seem to become microphonic in about 2 weeks. Is there a tube that will not become microphonic so fast? I don't play very loud, so the rattling isn't ungodly.
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In my experience, tung-sol's are better in the preamp as they're very bright.

TS: I run JJ's in my peavey classic 30 (el84's)

They work for me.

EDIT: If you'd like more headroom, I think you'd be better off getting pre-amp tubes that have higher headroom
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