I just want to get my music heard. add me on myspace.com/dustinclloyd listen to both songs, but if you only listen to one i suggest ''Louder than Words'' thanks!
Louder than words: I like it, but i think you could do something more with it, instead of just playing one note per beat over the same backing. It is actually a great progression and a good melody, but some variety could make it better. Try creating a "chorus" that repeats somewhere on the song to make a climax, then get calm again and start building it up. I like the song, but i think it's missing a climax point.

Price of freedom: Basicaly the same as before. Actually, both songs sound like something in colma (yeah, i like buckethead too), but my point on the climax is still on. Your songs are i great listen and i wouldnt mind listening to a full album, even if they dont have a climax, they are not a bit boring, but some variety would make them better IMO. I will check your stuff regularly because i like it.

Thanks, that means alot, i really felt they were missing that extra something, and i think you nailed it, I'll get to work on something. If you add me or keep in touch with me, I'll find a way to send you a finished demo.
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