Has anyone ever played one of these? Is it even possible to get one in the U.S.?
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I've got two and they're amazing.

They're solid, well built and innovative (thanks to their lack of truss rod).

As for buying them in the US, high-end stores like the GuitarAsylum (Long Island, NY) or Tonemerchants (Orange County, CA) carry them.

If you want to know if there's a store near you that sells them, just call the US distributor (their number is on the Vigier website). If all else fails, you can also try calling the factory, if you don't mind the extra fees attached to international calls. Keep in mind that most of their guitars are made to order, so if you're looking for a specific model, you'll most likely have a hard time tracking it down.

I can very much recommend Vigier guitars, though. They may be costly, but they're well worth it.

Now for a pic:

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I've liked the vigiers I've tried, very nice guitars. No idea about their availability in the states (I assume you can get them, but there are probably only a few dealers, and they're probably expensive), but you can get them here.
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