Hi i'm gonna be moding my squire alfinnity p bass and i want some sugestions. currently what I'm thinking is
-quarter ponder pups
-all black harware
-black pickguard (the body is already black)
-gotoh bridge from warmoth/or bad ass i love them i have one on my j bass but dont wanna shell out much money
-anything else?
I'd recommend new tuners too to keep it in tune better.
With those mods, I think you'll have a pretty good bass on your hands.
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You're bass is going to be awesome...
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Go for the gotoh from warmoth, but look elsewhere for the other parts, like stewmac.com or allparts.com, they're usually much cheaper. Maybe get some strap locks (if your plan on gigging with it)?

Edit: Schaller tuners are pretty decent in my experience
I'd upgrade the pots as well. Wiring on the lower end Squier's is ok, but not great.

When you get the QPs, order a wiring kit and pots from Stewmac. I'd get a full electronic overhaul and your bass will sound great.