Hi, I am building my own guitar rig using a Marshall 1960 A or B, using a Digitech 1101, and or the Line 6 X3 pre amp. The only thing I am stumped on is what power amp to use to push the 1960 A or B. I have read some where that you should have twice the power in a power amp to push the cabinet. check link http://www.sweetwater.com/shop/live-sound/power-amplifiers/buying-guide.php#1 Perhaps I misread this so could some one offer some suggestions on a suitable power amp to push the 300 watt Marshall 1960 cabinets. Thanx!
What style of music?

mesa has a few,
20/20 - 20watt 2 channel, its a bit thin when not modded but there are a few mods around on the net to make it sound bigger.
50/50 - 50 watt older one, it'll be used, but not too expensive
2/50 - the newer version of the 50/50, some say the older one sounds more organic.
2/90 - 90watt, most prefer the sound to the 50 watt.
simulclass ones which can run class a and class a/b at the same time, to get a bit more vintage. they are very expensive.
i think theres a 3/90 as well.
they are all 6l6 tubed bar the 20/20 which has el84's,

Engl has a few,
cant remember names, but they have a low power one, about 20watts, the current line up is on their website. they are fairly expensive.

Marshall has some solid state ones and some tube ones, cant remember many of them,
other guys on here will have more info. really depends what kind of music you want to play/how loud you want it. Generally 50 watts is more than enough, 20 watts can be pushed to be loud enough for practice with a drummer.
You can use any wattage power amp. Do you prefer tube or SS? Tube I'd recommend one of the VHT/Fryette ones or the higher wattage Mesas. SS, I'd try an old Mos-Valve.
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The Randall 50/50, is great, and it has both 6l6s and el34s wich are footswitchable, so you have a very versatile setup