I've got my eye on a Yamaha Pacifica 112v (I think that's the right one) and I was wondering if anyone played one and what they thought?

PS: You guys in the EG forum rock!
Mine feels a heck lot better than the few Fender MIM strats I tried, awesome neck, the whammy does de-tune the strings easily, but other than that, it's an awesome guitar for the price, even the Alnico V pups are quite decent
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it's a begginer guitar. I think you're a bassist, so it's good for beggining with the guitar.

you should get it...for political and moral reasons. lol jk peace

I've played one for 3 years, aside from a minor problem with my pick-up selector(it cuts out if it's not in the exact spot, i imagine a mere electrical problem) I haven't had any problems. You may want to get your action fixed though, for the first 2 years tapping was near impossible, but once my friend fixed it up it played great.
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I played one once in a local music shop. It's WAY better than a squier and a lot of epiphones in the same price range. It's pretty decent for its price, as long as you don't use your whammy, it's a pretty solid guitar.

The pickups are not that bad but they give a lot of feedback when playing at high volumes.
Yamaha makes some of the best value beginner guitars out there. My friend has the 112V and I've played it a lot. Pretty good.

The tremolo is NOT to be used, under pain of having to retune, but it's pretty good. My one beef is that the neck is not a particularly strong one and warps easily.
Great guitar for the price, I own one of the older models with a maple fretboard (actually a 112J). If you do get one, swap out the tuners for some Wilkinsons or something better so you can use the whammy and make sure you set it up. It's real moddable which makes it brill!

ones i've tried have been very nice for the money. I dunno about how your morals etc. will cope with it, though (sorry, couldn't resist ).

i've seen some lags though at very good prices online (assuming you'd be buying online). They'd be worth considering, assuming the ones I've seen at good prices haven't been b-stock or something like that.

EDIT: what kind of music will you be going to play? though the pacifica (and other superstrats, like those lags) should cope with most things.
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Mines pretty good, had it for a year... still pretty solid... i play alot of styles and its pretty versatile so... yeah, definatley good for the money. And i WOULD reccomend it :-)
Its a pretty good guitar. But, the strings go out of tune easily if the whammy bar is used to much
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