i'm in a band now so i need more distortion i really dont know which one i should get though i think i narrowed it down to either a Cheap little dan electro Metal pedal or some sort of cheap equivelent or i could just save money but i'm leaning aganist savong cause i want to be able to play with better distortion sooner rather than later. By the way the distortion i have now is amp distortion from a Behringer GX 112
theres a review on the site about it. Any way what should i do?
Don't get a dan electro, worst distortion pedal ever, it's like having your treble at 30 with no mids and bass, just get a boss ds-1 distortion pedal or and mxr distortion pedal, just don't get a dan electro, they suck.
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i want to be able to play with better distortion sooner rather than later

That's not going to happen with that amp, save up and buy something halfway decent.
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And try before you buy!
I have a dan electro and the boss distortion pedal, i'd give that electro away for free.
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I have the dano FAB metal, and its actually one of my favorite pedals. It has kind of a mesa boogie dist. to it. It has a bit of buzz to it, but depending on what pedals you have infront of it, it will add or take away from the buzz.(i have a multi fx pedal in front of it, and it has no buzz at all)
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damn you got ****ty amp...buy a decet one for at least 300€