My friend's Ibanez RG5EX1 has something very similar (it's actually probably it) to a Floyd Rose fixed bridge and lock at the nut. I understand this makes tuning and tremolo easier. On my guitar, there is no lock at all for the whammy, so when I use it, the strings get all out of tune.

As I've posted before, I plan on getting a Left-Handed Standard Stratocaster. I would like to know where I can find a dealer that sells the exact type of parts on the Ibanez RGEX1 that would be compatible for a Left-Handed Standard Stratocaster. There is a Standard Stratocaster HSS with Locking Tremolo, though I believe it has been discontinued and there was never a lefty model. (But if you know for sure there is one for lefties, post the link now!)
Check Gotoh.

but why do you want a Fixed FR bridge?
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