Would be interested in trading his Les Paul Custom lite for my ESP LTD KH-603.

I just wanted some background info on the Les Paul lite.

Do you people see a problem in my end in this deal?

His guitar has some scratches but it's nothing i'd go ape**** over.

What do you all think?

i would keep the ESP

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I think you're in the wrong forum. That's what I think. LOL.

*moved to electric forum*
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I would really give that small scratch in the head stock a closer look it almost looks like a crack and right in the spot Les Pauls usually break. Another thing that seems off to me is if it's an 80s model how could the serial number be worn off. I have to check my blue book but I think in the 70s Gibson when to a stamped in the wood serial number system they still use today. It would take a lot to wear away. It has the volute in the back of the head stock so that came into play during the Norlin years between 70 and 82 I think and discontinued after that. I can't be 100% because I really need to look thru my books. I can't tell but it looks like the front of the headstock is blurred I do not see the split diamond inlay but it could be just a bad pic. Ask for pics of the front, side and back of the headstock and post them if you can.

That thing on the back of the neck does kind of look like a crack...I'd watch out for that.
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You've already got a Gibson. Keep the ESP for versatility (unless you really don't like the ESP...in which case go for it)

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That thing on the back of the neck does kind of look like a crack...I'd watch out for that.
It's not. It's just a scratch. I've got heaps on my old guitar.
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How many serial numbers 'wear' off?
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Everyone just jumps on the bandwagon and gives the same advice in these situations. You know what? I'm going to be different. Call the firemen.
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How many serial numbers 'wear' off?

They don't because they are engraved into the back. If his "wore" off then it is probably a fake that had a painted on serial.
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Give it a try first, that "Scratch" on the back doesn't look too healthy.
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That "scratch" on the top of the neck looks awfully shifty to me. More like a crack, and that's bad business. I wouldn't trust it not to spread.

Plus, aside from the skull inlays (just not my -style-), the KH is a great guitar. Neck through with a floyd rose? Delicious. Alder is also an amazing tone wood.

I'm not the biggest fan of EMG's. But that's a quick pickup swap for me.
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I have seen some guitars where it looked like someone sanded or tried to alter a serial numbers.

If it had a head stock repair in the past it's possible they sanded and repainted the headstock covering the numbers but as far as a stamped in the wood numbers go it's not in a place that see's wear at all. The other thing that I didn't mention is the fact he's willing to trade a guitar he's asking 1700 bucks for a LTD model that is worth a lot less than that. Truthfully I would never pay $1700 for a Norlin era Gibson Les Paul especially in that condition. Several years ago I could get them for around $500.00 or less. The price guides might say a guitar is worth more but truthfully it all depends on the economy and how desperate some one is for cash.