I've been playing solo's for a little bit now but I can't seem to get that edge that others have. I'm using Pentatonic, Dorian blues, and major but I can never seem to get that sound I'm looking for. What should I do to get it?

P.S. I use alot of bends HO and PO, trills, tapping, etc, so its not that I don't have the skills
what do you know about keys, scales, etc. and what kind of solos do you want to play? i.e. the genre? also, just because you use those skills doesn't mean you are good at them.
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try different keys or a better backing track or phrase things differently
just gotta feel it...hear it in your head and play it...
if you have the knowledge and the technical skill then alls you need is the feeling.
I play mostly in E minor pentantonic

I'm looking to play 80's rock/metal, stuff like Maiden, Priest, Skid Row, etc...

Speaking of back tracking, where can I find some good back tracking for metal because I have been searching and I haven't found anything that good yet
Stop thinking about what shapes you're using and what techniques to incorporate.

Instead, start thinking about what sound you want to achieve and what will work over your backing. Your technical skills don't make music on their own, you need to get yourself thinking musically - to be honest the best thing you can do to achieve that is put the guitar down and just try thinking up melodies in your head and singing them over backing tracks. Record them, then try and work them out on guitar.
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