I am completely new to recording and i have been having some problems. I bought a line 6 POD studio UX1, a mic and a box to provide phantom power to the mic. I installed the POD, all the drivers and the program RiffWorks. Probably not the best stuff but its cheap and gets the job done.

Now where i have been having the problem is when i try to play my guitar (both through the mic and directly connected) no sounds are produced. The only thing that i can hear is the backing drums. The bars are moving to say that the computer is getting it, but all that i hear is the backing drum beat.

I have been looking around and it seems like i need to buy a sound card. The guy that sold me this stuff never said anything about one, he told me that i should be able to plug it in and start recording right away. Was the sales guy full of **** and i need to buy a sound card? If so how much are they and where can i get one?

Thanks for helping a noob out

PS I have the volume on the UX1 turned up
You will already have a stock sound card in your computer and in this case the UX1 is actually working as your sound card ie. your inputting into your computer from the UX1.

If you arent getting any sounds from the UX1 and there are no obvious driver problems (I assume your working windows) then there are a couple of obvious issues that may be a problem:

1. The UX1 is malfuctioning, is there any sign of input being recorded from the device?

2. Riffworks isnt set up right, you may not have set up the audio inputs correctly but since its a dedicated program for this stuff it would be surprising right?

3. Try another software? Cubase is decent for recording audio and so is Ableton, it will work just as well in theory on those programs.

Finally you could try checking out the line 6 forums if you havent already.