So this is a question I like to get people's opinions on. Who is your favorite three person band? Once you start thinking of all of them it gets hard to pick a flat favorite. Personally I am torn between Rush and Sublime. Though there are many other great ones.
Behemoth, since Seth isn't officially a member
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The Police.

....don't judge me. lol. Stewart Copeland is my favorite drummer.

Blink 182, Nirvana, Fall of Troy, and Rush are all close seconds though.
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rush x2... behemoth lol x2, sublime x2, and i think The Tea Party and Celitic Frost are a 3some aswell.
Cream. The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Nirvana.
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rush x2... behemoth lol x2, sublime x2, and i think The Tea Party and Celitic Frost are a 3some aswell.
Yay! Someone else likes The Tea Party! And yes, they are a three-piece, although you wouldn't guess it from their music
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Muse, Rush, Nirvana, Fall Of Troy, The Prodigy
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SRV & Double Trouble
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what a ripoff

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Primus is a great one, I forgot they were just three people.. I am surprised no one has said Green Day (they used to be good).
Muse, blink-182, Nirvana, Green Day, Rush, ZZ Top, Cream

Edit: and Motorhead
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The proper name is a power trio guys

But anyway

Jimi Hendrix experiance
ZZ Top

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Also, Placebo.
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