I was wondering if there was a way to remove stickers nicely from a bass, i didn't put any on one but i might buy one that has a sticker on the body and i don't want it there. thanks for any help
off the wood or the pickguard?

if it's off the wood then what sort of finish does it have where the sticker is?

EDIT: and is it the sort of sticker that would come off with a little bit of warm water and patience?
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if it is finished and you don't mind an experiment on the back, try to dab a bit of goo gone on the body and see if it messes with the finish, if it doesn't, peel as much of the sticker off as possible and then goo gone (or goo be gone or something like that) the area where there is still "sticker" left and wipe it off with elbow grease.

I did that with my one guitar and it was fine (my friend thought it would be cool to put skateboarding stickers all over a guitar, I did not (so when I got the guitar, taking off the stickers was the first thing I did))
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