Alrighty, so my album is almost finished now, all songs but 2 are finished and recorded, and just need to be mixed and mastered by a professional after the mediocre job I did while recording
my question is, how can one market a music album if you have no band to put behind it? especially if it's the kind of music I make. if I were a singer/songwriter with an acoustic guitar, it'd be different, but the music relies on the Bass/guitar/drums/vox setup.
Do you think I will have to put together a band in order to play gigs and get the music out there? Or are there other ways of promoting music, but not a band?
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If you have a whole band setup in the songs ie. drums/vox/bass etc. You obviously need a band to be able to play em live.

it's not about playing live, it's about promoting the music and the album WITHOUT playing live shows.
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it's not about playing live, it's about promoting the music and the album WITHOUT playing live shows.

promoting = playing live shows
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it's not about playing live, it's about promoting the music and the album WITHOUT playing live shows.

Obviously you'd do things similar to if you had a live band - webpage, sending demos out etc.

However if you somehow got the attention of record execs, they would get some session musicians together and make you a band. Live performance is the most effective way to market your music.

You are in a very advantageous position right now, you already have a full album recorded. Now just make a band around the music and get gigging.
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promoting = playing live shows

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It's exactly the same thing as promoting music with a band, except you're going solo.
Getting a band to play your songs live is a good idea, if they are good enough I'm sure you'll find someone interested.
They're obviously not the most succesful band in the world, but Symphony X didn't play live until they had released 3 albums.

You can have a backing band but market it as a solo project if you wish. Just try get the music to as many people as possible, get people to pass it on, make it easy to download for free, if it's good, it should spread.
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The good news is that, with a full album of songs written, recorded, and ready to sell, if it is half-way decent, you won't have any difficulty attracting players. This is kind of how I did my original band. The songs weren't shelf-ready, but the album was fully written and demoed with decent recordings. THEN I put together the band and had no real difficulty. Whereas before, it took me years of trying and still not succeeding.

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Check out bomb the music industry. It's one guy who does what you've done (although I think he got other musicians to record on the last two records). He recently did a tour where it was just him, his electric guitar and an Ipod into the P.A. with all the backing tracks


Buckethead has been doing this for quite some time as well. There are advantages and disadvantages to this, though. The primary reason it has worked so well for BH is because even though he doesn't talk at shows, he interacts constantly with the crowd, and does it well.

As you already have a good amount of material recorded, it shouldn't be hard to attract good people to form a live band with. If that isn't an option, you can always take the above mentioned method. You just have to do it right, or you'll gain a reputation as 'the guy who plays with an ipod', which doesn't sound very appealing at all.
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Aside from trying to find a band to play with you, internet promoting is where its at. Just get yourself on Myspace, Facebook, Purevolume, Youtube, whatever and spread your music like wildfire. You can be like an "internet band" at the moment. This will hopefully help generate some buzz even before you've played live.

However, you should hope to get a band asap, as playing live should be done if you want to get popular. The fans you've acquired through the internet would want to see you live eventually (given that they like your stuff enough).