Well I woke up this morning
And I thought to myself this is (just) rediculous
I’m sick and tired of all this innocence
I need something with a little more kick

Haar schnitt, new gear, and I refuse to touch the pipe
I’ll raise the bar because tomorrow it wouldn’t matter anyway
day passes and me thinking
that tonight there’s gonna be a change (I’ll find you.. I just have to want to,..)


On my way around the bend
I stopped to put some cigarettes in my hand

Walk in sit down then I see
you're mesmeric and suddenly right next to me
and inside this little place
your gaze hits the side of my face

you look away
you're shy
but that’s aight
- I like it

staying true we started talking and drinking
and later on we left together on our way to get you home
one point I kinda saved you from a bus by the scruff
and you just laughed it off like you didn’t care

(a little musical laugh and all of a sudden I didn’t care much either that I’d just saved you from certain doom, or at least a big black bruise)

you said its crazy that these huge machines
they just miss us by inches
at 100 kilometers every day
and I said they're never really in complete control of their stupid cars

And on our way back around the bend
I reached in to put a cigarette in my hand (ihres im anderen eine Minuten)

on the rain slick cobblestone streets
you're just as here as I am
your breasts hiding in leather and lace
then your gaze hits the side of my face

you don’t look away
not shy anymore
I like it more

and I thought that living this second
I have every part of it
to wash over me
a thousand more times

walking side by side I gently nudged you toward a lightpost
and you smiled and said did you mean to do that? and all the rest
but then 18 more steps to your door
had me under the microscope suspicion galore

said I couldn’t fight couldn’t cook couldn’t clean or some such thing
said you already had a boy as you were walking
away, and I thought to myself this isn’t the change
that I deserved under this black moon

So now I ‘m just standing here dead in June
feel like I was raised on the side of the road
oh you left me all alone
you left me all alone
you left me all alone
oh you left me all alone

(I’m going back home to my books and my guitars.. and my pipe)

- two very basic rhythms for this song at : www.myspace.com/cruelaprilofficial