One of the things I've been trying to work on is keeping a light touch with my fretting hand when fretting notes. In other words, not trying to push my fingers through the fretboard. However, when playing things that have bends in them (which is a lot of what I play) I often find myself again putting too much pressure on fretted notes.

When I focus more on light finger pressure, too often my bends don't always make it to the note that they are supposed to bend to.

I'm sure practice is one obvious bit of feedback that I'm going to get, but is there any other tips or tricks out there to make this an easier technique to ingrain?
IDK, it depends on what kind of guitar your playing on, normally on electric guitars you dont have too push down as hard to make a note, on acoustics you have to push rather hard. But if your playing on electric then I would just reccomend playing slower till you get the hang of how much pressure you need to push your strings down, and dont change the string guage when you change to new strings. Same with acousitc, you just have to learn the limits of the guitar, you know, push it to find out what it can and can not do.

But pratice is the only way your really gonna solve that problem.
Pretty standard technique by anchoring my thumb over the neck and pivoting my wrist up to make the bend.

The problem with touch comes in where if I try to do a bend while maintaining a featherlight pressing of my finger to the string to the fretboard - my finger will obviously move the way it should, but the string will not go along for the ride, or at least not for the full ride.