Poll: What is your picking wrist touching?
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7 7%
22 23%
In the air
27 28%
11 11%
Depends on what I'm playing
29 30%
Voters: 96.
When you aren't palm-muting or strumming, what is your wrist touching while you pick?
For me it's like, half of my hand is on the bridge, half of it is on the body.
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In the air. Because my pinky and index finger kinda like "stands" on the body while I pick.
Mine is bridge, which is really impractical as it rubs on my wrist/bottom of hand. Is there a right or wrong way to do this? I've been playing for 8 years but never been told...

I also end up anchoring myself to the guitar by sort of grappling one of the tone controls with my little finger on my strat. This is surely frowned upon...?
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mine just floats because i like to do alot of open and palm mute mixes so its just a convenience thing for me
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It varies. If I'm playing something slow its just in the air, if I'm playing faster I normally use the base of my thumb to mute the lower strings, and if I'm playing nearer the bridge than normal it sometimes rests on/brushes against the bridge I don't think it ever touches the body though - in fact I'm not sure it could reach the body
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I don't think it ever touches the body though - in fact I'm not sure it could reach the body

Or on the pickguard above the pickups on a Strat.
Quote by blue_strat
Or on the pickguard above the pickups on a Strat.
that either - I don't have my guitar here to test it, but from the angle its at when I'm playing I think it'd be pretty awkward to get my wrist to touch my guitar body/pickguard and still be able to play
The air i guess, my palm brushes my strings around the bridge and my wrist is just above it.
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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In the air. I lean my arm over ever so slightly so that it's my elbow that does the muting action and my wrist does the picking action.
usualy when i am not strumming, i have my arm resting on the top of the body, or at shows i just stick my hand in the air :P

but when im playing im pretty sure i just like hover my hand over it...

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When strumming it's in the air and when I'm picking it depends on where. On the lower strings it's in the air but when I am up and soloing my hand is resting on the bridge to mute the strings.
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My wrist is always in the air but it hovers over the point where the strings start in the bridge.
Bridge, and i hold my hand in a fist because it is VERY umcofortable to have my fingers extended.
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Depends on what I'm playing.
Either floating or lightly brushing against the bridge; never resting.
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Mine varies with what I'm playing and what guitar. Obviously, with a floating bridge it is not viable to rest the edge of the hand on the bridge much, so I adapt to the guitar. On a fixed bridge I tend to lay it on the bridge and slightly mute backing sections of a song but move forwards for lead breaks where muting is either more obvious or not used at all.
That said, playing Townshend stuff, I do like him and play a lot up at the neck to get the fullest sound from those big chords. Same when I'm playing percussive, folky stuff with fast, crisp chords and muting with my left hand.
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Mine floats. I finally stopped my anchoring habit
Well 20% of the time it's holding my body in place by forcing down on the top of my V so I can play higher on the neck standing however I want
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My wrist sort of floats. When I'm playing on the lower strings it's in the air, but when I'm playing a solo or something on the lighter strings I think my wrist lays on the strings a little bit.
*Waits for anchoring debate*
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Quote by WishfulShredder
floating, unless you count muting as touching the strings

Well,to mute you do have to touch the string.

Honestly surprised the "depends on what I'm playing" isn't winning

Cause my wrist is always different because of muting or depending on the string I playing on or if I'm finger picking,,,,it all just dpends on what I'm playing.
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It varies depending on what I playing. If I have to cross several string in succession, I'll float, otherwise it rests againsts the bridge or body of the guitar - real lightly though, I don't get real dug in there.